The Gilbert Law Office provides asset protection services, and promises New York skills for Buffalo bills.
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Why hire the Gilbert Law Office to protect my assets?


New York skills. Buffalo bills.

We have helped clients from coast-to-coast to protect wealth, from six figures to eight.

Effective planning requires a personal touch and tailoring to make a plan perfect for you, not out of a template. It requires an attorney that uncovers your needs and desires with you and develops your plan personally, It requires more than a meeting with a partner, who has an associate or paralegal you've never met cut-and-pasting your information into a form he or she has never read, with little guidance from the partner.

There are plenty of big-city firms that do asset protection planning and asset protection strategy.

They have big-city rent, big-city salaries, and big-city overhead. They have multiple locations that their attorneys fly out to for meeting with you, and pass on their unnecessary rent and airfare to you in fees. Their lawyers have big-city obligations on their time, resulting in big-city treatment (or mistreatment) of their clients. Many of them are large firms, which usually means rates are inflated to provide larger profits for the partners.

This is asset squandering, not asset protection.

Why pay extra for this?

Why pay extra for this?

We are not them.

For those in Upstate New York, we are a local asset protection attorney and law office that offers expert service in asset protection planning. The fees that we charge are re-invested locally in Upstate New York businesses, instead of sent out of the state, or even out of the country.

For those outside of New York, we can afford to offer expert service in the asset protection field at a competitive price because of lower overhead and a lower cost of living in Upstate New York. We are not a big-city law office with big-city rent and expenses. However, you still enjoy the benefit of New York attorneys working with you in making your plan.

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No big-city overhead.