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The Trust Tutor™ Service—Get Lots of Help Without a Lot of Legal Bills.

Having an attorney make a trust for you is one thing, but having an attorney teach you to use it properly is quite expensive. Because of this, we offer the Trust Tutor™ service.

Basically, running a trust is like running a business. Once you are aware of the procedures and methods of one trust, it is simply a matter of learning the particularities and customizations of another trust to ensure you can run it effectively. Businesses that offer trustee services, especially banks, rely on the similarity in trusts to turn a very tidy profit for themselves, often taking a percentage of the trust assets they manage.

However, your trustee can manage your trust for you themselves. Trustees often do so with an attorney at their full hourly rate, racking up a huge legal bill in the process. For the trusts that we create, we offer and strongly recommend the Trust Tutor™ service, especially for the first six months of trust existence to learn the ropes.

Here's the details:

  1. We train non-attorney staff on the content, procedures, and provisions we generally include in our trusts, as well as actions a new trust's trustee is likely to have to take in setting up the trust—opening bank accounts, getting IRS identification numbers, et cetera.
  2. We grant them access to our bank of created trusts for our clients.
  3. When you have questions about the trust or want advice on it, you can email or call us at (716) 29-TRUST. (716-298-7878. And '29' doesn't have any particular meaning—it was just an available number.)
  4. The Trust Tutor reads your questions, performs any necessary research, and prepares a response after consulting with your trust document, which we keep on file.
  5. This response is reviewed by an attorney and forwarded on to you by email, getting you an answer with quick turnaround and the advice you need.

So why use a non-attorney instead of an attorney?

Trust Tutor™'s pricing is based around an hourly charge of $75, as opposed to our attorney's standard hourly charge of $275.  And the response and advice you get is still reviewed by a New York attorney, covered by attorney–client privilege, and you can rely on it with confidence. Use the attorney for the heavy lifting of creating the trust, and the Trust Tutor™ for the day-to-day running of the trust.

$75 an hour is still pretty expensive.

You're right. It is our à la carte hourly rate. Time is cheaper in bigger amounts:

  1. For $50 a month, you can get an hour's worth of Trust Tutor™ services each month. (We do require a six-month minimum commitment, however.)
  2. Sign up for a year at a time and get a month free. ($550 for 12 hours is $45.83 an hour, and cheaper than any auto mechanic or plumber we know.)
  3. Additional hours in a month are available for $60 an hour.
  4. Unused hours carry over to the next month—up to three hours worth. All's quiet in February and March, but you get hit with April showers? Use all three hours up without paying any extra.

Am I required to use the service for help with my trust?

Not at all. We provide the service so that you have a choice and can save money but still get quality advice. With Trust Tutor™, you can get 12 hours of legal advice approved by an attorney for the cost of 2 hours of that attorney's time.

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